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"How are you going to accomplish this as a busy mom." I was literally standing in front of business sharks in our community. One was a former business professor of mine. My heart was beating fast. I had to convince this room, in this second, that my dream was worth investing in…. That I was worth investing in. All while baby-wearing my three week old. I'm a mom… of course I'm busy. How do I convince them I can do this. The answer hit me after a few seconds of silence.

“I have an incredible support system. My family and my friends who believe in this project as much as I do.”

That was the truth. My husband is the one who grounds me, helps keep my head above the water. My Best friends are my cheerleaders and idea bouncy balls. My sister, mom and dad, give me the inspiration to keep going. You see, without that support system, I'm not convinced I would have been able to build this huge online music community. I now have adults and kids learning piano all over the world. This is why it is important to me as a teacher that I provide that same kind of support to my students; both in home and online..
For students, especially kids, learning a new skill... It's so important for them to feel supported. Frustrating days will come. Hard days will come.

When they find that they have someone else invested in their learning in their family; they find more motivation.
Every child goes through the VALLEY.
This is a speech I give every parent that walks into my studio. This is the typical evolution of a beginning pianist.
We start.
It's getting a little tricky...
then about two months after their start day, they start to struggle.
"I don't want to practice."
"It's boring."
" I don't know where to put my fingers."
"I don't remember what song to practice."
If you have had a beginner before, this probably sounds familiar.
This valley is where you have to get a little creative. (Or you and your teacher) I love to help families come up with unique activities that will encourage the consistency in this time.
Embrace the valley. Pull through, think and talk about what is next:
It's coming and it's beautiful. When students get through that valley and start hearing their progression, they have pride in their work.
Pride turns into passion.
That will show you how beautifully worth it, it is.
If you need some trouble shooting tricks, check out the blog: https://greenhousemusicak.com/blog/fivepianotips

Thank you!
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