Kid's Online Piano Masterclass

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At Greenhouse Music,
we believe that music is both a wonderful hobby and a true gift. That's why we offer piano courses for kids that are tailored to start them off on the right path.
What makes us different from other music programs?
We have a mapped out selection of
pre-recorded piano classes for kids aged 7-12.
For us, it's not about teaching just one style of music - it's about introducing your child to every genre so they can find what appeals to them most,
even if it changes as they grow!

Growing A Beginning Pianist Unit 1
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    Here are some frequent questions

Where do I start?

When introducing piano lessons to your kiddos, the best course to start with is the Beginning course below. 
After that you can move to Unit Two then Three. (with a few fun coupons!)

Can I use this course for more than one child?

Absolutely! Your WHOLE household has access to this ONE course for no additional cost.
If you’d like each student in your household to have an individual login, you can register for the discounted sibling account through your membership.

Is parent involvement necessary? 

These courses were designed for kids to benefit without needing an additional parent guiding them. If a child is younger than 7, they will need some additional guidance. 
They are also fun courses for parents and kids to enjoy together. When parental involvement is increased, so is the return on investment. 

Do we need a fancy piano?

Short answer: No, a keyboard is just fine!. Longer answer? There are a few small suggestions of specifications you don't want to go without. I have an easy list of budget friendly keyboards available on our blog.

Do I have to purchase a book?

We use the Faber Piano Adventures Level One book for these courses because they are WONDERFUL. You  can purchase the book through the link in our description below. (9.99USD) or the E-book is also available for ($6.99 USD) 

Will we have access to a REAL piano teacher?

Absolutely! Your teacher is active on the Greenhouse Music Online members-only Facebook group to give feedback and offer additional tips and live classes.
You may also send and upload videos for additional input.
I’m also very responsive to e-mail!

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What's included in unit one?

  • Expert Instruction
  • Fun Quizzes
  • 17 lessons
  • 32 Page Workbook
  • Learning Legato
    and Staccato
  • Treble Clef Memorization FACE- Notes
  • Treble High Notes C D E F G The Higher Octave 
  • Pedal Study
  • Using The Whole Piano
  • Dynamics and Articulation

Become a pianist 

Practice doesn't make perfect. Practicing correctly makes perfect!
When your child knows what to practice and when, students flourish stronger and faster.  After each lesson, your students have a detailed practice plan that walks them through exactly what to work on.

Personal Growth

Reinforce your learning with music theory worksheets, activity pages, games, flashcards, and more tailored to work with our lessons.
Connect with our online community for easy access to extra learning materials and support.
Meet the instructor

Delana Green

Delana Green is a professional performing arts instructor since 2012. She is a fan of wearing many creative hats including: Music Teacher, Theater Director, Producer, Author and Composer.  She has been featured as a music expert on Discovery Channel and has performing credits from all over the world. Delana has the most fun when teaching children beginner piano skills. She looks forward to sharing her love of music, as well as meaningful and effective content with all students to develop their music abilities.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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