"The Smalls" Holiday Gift Guide-All Under $25

Nov 15 / Delana Green

"Hey, I liked the blog, but I would it more if there were items better for small spaces, and small budgets."

Sweet! I can do that. We actually moved into our forever home almost four years ago, and are quite familiar with the concept of very little storage. 
A local mom commented that above quote below my post. I instantly put my hand to my face like: "Duh! Of course I need to have more suited for that need." 

The funny thing is: In researching the items for this list, I included some new companies that I have been infatuated with for a while, that were not mentioned in the last post HERE

I also found some really striking new toy companies that I hadn't heard of before. (made me sad that I've done 90% of our shopping already.) It seems the Amazon algorithm is now beginning to know my taste, and the taste of those I shop for. (Hey sister). 

Here are a few of the filters I wanted to run these toys through: 

1. $20 and under (post says $25 so that I have a buffer for inflation and price changes) 

2. Minimal comercial characters included. (I wanted to provide options for more independent characters.)

3. I have tried these items, or their equivalent in the form of another brand. 
And of course:
4. Smaller/less space options. 
5. No repeats on similar toys. 

Disclaimer; This list is curated 100% by me and includes items I can earn commissions (Amazon) on with no extra cost to you.
However, it's worth noting that every single one of these are toys that I have tried/or have done research on and is currently on my list. Here you go!

Let's organize these by companies!
I'm going to start with not only a huge "Go To" for us, but the lowest price on my list:

     There are comercialized character versions of these if your kids love Paw Patrol, Disney, Bluey etc.. We never run out of stock. So much so that I noticed yesterday we only have a few pages left and instantly ordered more. 

2.  This is a company that I have been recently loving: Petit Collage. The items I have bought, or tested have all been well made and enjoyed. So here are a few from this company.
Now, not joking, this is the bulk of the list right here. All of these items are ADORABLE, space saving, and educational in more way than one. Some are also travel friendly. 

I was not only amazed at Petit Collage's niche toys, but their prices were extremely affordable. We have a few of their baby dolls, and Beatrice the Bear is likely next on our list. 10/10 worth checking out what they have here. 

Third Company that is worth mentioning, has become more mainstream the last few years. HAPE.

 I only found one item that I "felt" fit through the filters I had without doubling up on toy category. However, there are some cute musical instrument toys worth checking into. Fourth Company was the cuteset little company I found while looking throuhg the suggestions Amazon had for me. PairPear. Isn't this car THE CUTEST!? One of the things I wish I saw before finishing up on our shopping. My loss, your gain. Either way, it is going on our wishlist now.

This next company I found a few years ago because of my sister. We used MANY of these toys as bribery during a dark time of potty training. *Shudders*. 
GREEN TOYS- Why I like Green Toys: Easy to clean, bath friendly (without worrying about mold) Well made and seriously, you can put these things in the dishwasher. They have been a "GO TO" for so long, we are running out of new toys to try from the company.


We have a few of these, and a local store carries them as well. They are extremely well made, lovely toys and provide wonderful alternatives to other brands that are pricer (and cheaper quality IMO) 
There are a lot of toys that didn't make this list because they were slightly higher than what I wanted to max out as, but many are currently on sale so check it out. 

We have two different versions of THIS DOLL  they are easy to wash and hard to pry out of the hands of a two year old. 
I think these are the perfect gift for a 12 - 18th month old for Christmas. 

This was the first time I saw this memory game from them, but I instantly loved the look and idea.
It is honestly hard to find stuffies softer than Jelly Cat.
Jelly Cat- "Jelly Cat Jelly Cat What Are They Feeding You?" To make you so soft!? Yep, another easy go to when it comes to stuffies. In our house, you can never go wrong with stuffies. WEE GALLERY This was another find that I had while researching and I really liked their focus on less distracting colors. A lot of their toys were black and white, which can be a nice relaxing option.
Another happy new company with simple and happy toy designs. 
These are now the last three items on the list. Each of these companies has other items, worth checking out. I felt this would be a great way to end. Thank you so much for reading, and sharing your thoughts. I'm happy to be able to share my experience with these toys with you! I will have another list following similar criteria from items at a higher price point so stay close.
PS as I was pressing publish, I saw this brand and knew it needed to be added so here is theHONORABLE MENTION !

Thank you!


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