Nov 26 / Delana Green

25 Educational Must Haves To Shop For On Cyber Monday

Our first year of marriage, my husband and I found out that the best chance for us to have a date night... was to go to a game night at a friends house, every week. 
Since then, we have been buying each other a board game every year. It's been a great tradition that we have decided to pass on to our kids. Except, sometimes board games aren't the easiest to shop for when kids are under 10. 

These are my TOP 25 board games and/or learning activites that you want to add to your list. 
Here we go. 

Games we own and love!

This was the game(s) we started with. This exact pack and it was perfect. My kiddo loved the animal theme. Her favorite was memory and it was such a fun learning tool that we used for matching things up. Slap jack was also a BIG hit. 
When we lost half the cards, I bought it again for our second kiddo. 

Connect Four- This was a tricky one for our oldest to learn the year we got it, so I would say it's best for 4 and up. 

Okay, to be honest. This next one is NOT my favorite. It never ends, but our daughter loves it so I might as well add it for all of those who love the game night lasting forever. 

We have been playing life with our (nearly six year old) and it's been a wonderful one for reading. When she gets an action card, she reads the bold letters and I read the instructions. Not just that, but it's been awesome for addition and subtraction as well. She also has just so happened to win everytime... which makes it her current favorite to pull out. 

Another one that is not my favorite, but it's one of the few that we can also include our two year old in. So, as a family, it is played often. 

I like Guess Who because the concept is easy for little ones to learn, and it's great at helping them notice detail. 

Games on our list

Don't forget, I have an ongoing list I am determined to contribute to anytime I come across a game I want to get for our kids. We also like to focus on their skills and the areas of improvement and shop for the kid. 
Here are just a few of the ones featured on that list. 

I hope this was a helpful list to get you started on your own collection. I am a believer in using games and puzzles to teach concepts to our kids. It's such a great way to have family bonding and educational opportunities with our children. 

What did you like most? 

p.s. Check out this other list I have built. 
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