May 17 / Delana Green

Top 5 Musical Products that make it easier to learn piano

If you ask a piano teacher their opinion on using stickers on a piano or keyboard. Their forehead gets shiney from rubbing it frustration that those stickers exist.
But, as a parent. We WANT our kids to have all the tools to help them learn. Well, that's what this blog post is all about. 
 Most of these can be found on Amazon through the affiliate links below. (I receive a small commission off purchases made through the links but at no extra cost to the buyer.) Almost all of the prices range from $ 10 to $ 50.

My current favorite!

One of my all-time favorites is this piano rake. I personally love getting the colored versions. 
I use it with my younger students as they get used to the notes and their locations. It's the perfect alternative to the stickers, as it can be removed and put back on so easily.

It's 100% worth checking out. HERE

The second: I'm a huge fan of flash cards. This one has been a good set for my studio. Flash cards, as most know are a great way to work on memorization. 

I used this set here.

Music Bag

Third, and super simple: Most parents don't think abou this until I mention it to them. 
Get a music bag!  I got this one for my girl and it fits 4 books which is often the amount a student needs for class. 

Number Four

This is a fun one that was featured in my online preschool course
I also use it weekly in my classes with littles. This is a great tool for young ones to associate colors with note names and staff placement. 

 Here is the Amazon link

Last one! 
This may seem silly, but having the right keyboard or piano makes a HUGE difference for kids. 
If you need a budget friendly keyboard here is my current number one pick for early little beginners. 
I bought it for my own daughter to have in her room. (pictured below) 
Some other options are This Full Length Keyboard, and this one which is my favorite model for keyoards. 
Of course, nothing will beat a well tuned and cared for acoustic piano, but recent tech has made it possible to achieve a sound and feel that is nearly identical. 

In conclusion, introducing music to your child's life can be a rewarding experience, and choosing the right musical products can make a big difference in helping with their motivation and trajectory. 


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