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It is not just the big stores that are important to their communities and economies. Smaller, local shops offer a different kind of shopping experience. Smaller shops can be more welcoming, offer better customer service, and are more likely to carry the unique gifts you can't find elsewhere. Local businesses are one way to support the economy and maintain thriving communities. These owners give back to the community by supporting local schools, sponsoring events, and donating. They also help build communities and provide jobs in the area. I wanted to share my favorite local businesses that I shop, for as a mother of three little ones.

My 10 Favorite Local Children's Stores, Celebrating the Joy of mother and childhood this Small Business Saturday.

1) Little Alaskan

This shop is run by a mom who loves to provide beautiful locally handmade clothes! At Little Alaska, you will find gifts, pre-loved clothes, quality brands and clothes from the Briar and Boone Collection named after the owners' two children. You can check out this store and the many free events they provide to children, in Kenai, or online. (Santa is visiting this Small business Saturday if you are wanting an extra treat) https://little-alaskan.com/

2) Soothe

The first time I walked into Soothe, I realized how easily it lived up to its name. This soothing environment is located in North Kenai. The owner, Denise provides luxurious gifts for both moms and babies. This is usually my “Go To” when it comes to the perfect baby shower gift. She also happens to carry two of my favorite brands for kids. Bonsie and Cuddle and Kind. (More on this below) https://www.soothecollection.com/

3) AKCrazy Collector

Another family-run business located in the heart of Soldotna. There are so many unique games, activities, toys, and more. I recently visited their new location and loved the little kid's corner they have. I added some of their games for kids to our shopping list. https://akcrazycollector.com/

4) Beemuns

Since our first Christmas as a married couple, my husband and I will gift each other a board game. After seven years, I can confidently say that 80% of those board games were purchased at Beemuns. I always liked the store, but when I became a wife, and then mother...I found it was one of my favorites to stop in. There are so many learning books and activities that many homeschool providers in the state will even reimburse you for. I have been adoring their seasonal décor and gift options as well. Stop by this staple in Soldotna.

5) Love It Again Consignment

This business is one of the “newer” ones in the area and somewhat of a hidden gem still. Located across from True Blue on the Spurr in the old hobby shop building is the perfect little consignment shop for yours and your kids needs. 50% of the maternity and nursing section contain former favorites from my own closet. They have a sweet kids section with adorable clothes that look brand new. You bring in your high quality pre loved items and they take a look and will possibly sell them. You can use the credit in the store or ask for a check. I will say... It’s easier to justify buying a new wardrobe when you are “selling” your old ones.

Service Based
(All I have personally used)

1) Greenhouse Music
Now, of course I need to point out that this is my business baby right here. I try my best to make the music education experience a blast for kids. They learn through group music lessons (Age 2-12), individual classes or even my new online courses at
(Small business Saturday coupon is BIZSAT )

2) Puffins Playland
 This place came around at the perfect time. The year I became a mall came this “Childrens museum” inspired playland for kids. My girls (5,3,1) LOVE this place and Mr. Mike. It’s been our #1 choice for celebrating birthdays, and breaking cabin fever. I plan on continuing to support this place as much as I can. I love it too much to let it be forgotten. If you have not checked out this MUCH needed small business. You need to. Located in the Peninsula Center Mall. https://www.littlepuffinsdiscoveryplayland.com/

3) River City Gymnastics
Talk about a way to combat cabin fever. I am amazed by how much is waiting for our kids at River City Gymnastics. They have classes for toddler and up. We thoroughly enjoyed the toddler class when my oldest was little, now she has moved on and loves everything else they offer. *They also have special birthday party opportunities. https://rivercitycheer.net/

4) Jumpin Junction
 While my little ones don’t enjoy this nearly as much, (little on the loud/overwhelming side.) My oldest can’t get enough of the “Jump Place”. Another sweet place to host a birthday party (So I hear). The best thing is to get all of that much needed mid-winter exercise bug out of the way. http://www.jumpinjunctionak.com/

5) Encore Dance Academy
Forever Dance
Though I have not utilized Encore or Forever Dance as a mom (yet). I loved classes that I took as an adult at both of these studios. Through those experiences I got to know some wonderful staff members and instructors who I’d be happy to see my girls learn from. http://www.encoredanceacademy.info/ https://foreverdancealaska.com/

Of course these some of these may not be open on Small business Saturday but I'm sure there is a way to purchase gift cards to any of them. Simply contact the locations and ask how you can support them.

Honorable Online Mentions

1) Cuddle and Kind

We have three Cuddle and Kind dolls and they are my favorite "toys" for our girls. My kids put their stuffies through the ringer and the Cuddle and Kind dolls have held up after 5 years, beautifully. I believe in both the quality and the mission.

(Disclaimer, I do recieve a small commission if you buy through the link below at no extra cost to you. I simply love the brand honestly, so I joined their affiliate program.)

https://cuddleandkind.com/pages/refer?gclid=Cj0KCQiA37KbBhDgARIsAIzce14ox9wj8iVjQ b3zNaRnJ6mD0Fh894TEIFzV4fFet6Ek-gQp5LX8bswaAuD2EALw_wcB

2) Bonsie

I didn't want to put my newborn in ANYTHING else but Bonsie. I was obsessed on day one. They are so soft and they aren't just a cute sleeper... they are one you will want your baby to wear as long as possible because of their skin to skin feature. I loved them so much I told Denise ( of Soothe) that she HAD to carry them. She recently told me they have been flying off the shelf this year. https://www.bonsie.com/shop

3) Latched mamma 
With my first baby, I went to Amazon for maternity and nursing wear, and with my second... well. Amazon once again. Third time is the charm right? Latched mamma was the gem that I found this time. They have super comfortable, breathable and actually cute/stylish maternity and nursing clothes. Best part? Made by a mom in the USA.

There you have it. Small businesses, but big hearts. When you support a small business it not only helps the livelihood of the families, owners and staff at these places but it helps the economy. We all do a giddy dance when we see a new sale. So encourage us by liking/sharing/commenting because that helps our profiles and shops get seen.

Have a happy weekend.
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