Benefits Of Online Music Education

Apr 29 / Delana Green
It's February 2020, and I ordered my first selfie stick. Why? Because I knew that I would be more dependent on my phone than I had ever been before. It was time for in-person lessons to end and virtual classes to begin. For over a year (almost two), I saw every one of my students through a computer screen, wishing I had bought stock in Zoom. At first, I was nervous it would be hard to sell how online lessons were still a valid way of teaching music. Soon, every client was surprised and impressed to see their kids do well and excel. 

The Truth

Online music lessons have gained immense popularity recently due to their convenience and accessibility. But are these lessons worth it? Do they offer benefits that traditional methods don't? Let's explore some of the unique advantages of online music lessons while addressing your concerns about their quality.

One key benefit of online music lessons is the flexibility they offer. With online classes, students can easily schedule their sessions at times that are most convenient for them without worrying about commuting. This flexibility is especially beneficial for busy families, enabling students to pursue their musical interests without compromising on other commitments. Pre-recorded lessons are even more popular because students can watch and interact anytime that fits their schedule.

E-music learning also provides access to a broader range of teachers. Students can now connect with instructors worldwide, allowing them to learn from diverse teaching styles and perspectives. This is particularly helpful for students who want to explore different genres or styles of music or have specific learning requirements that may need to be addressed in traditional lessons.

Moreover, online music lessons provide a more personalized learning experience, fostering a sense of accomplishment. Many online platforms offer tools and resources to help students track their progress, set goals, and receive instructor feedback. This can help students stay motivated and engaged in their learning, resulting in significant improvement over time and a sense of pride in their musical journey.

Another advantage of online classes like pre-recorded ones is their affordability. With online courses, students can save on travel costs and expenses related to renting a practice space. This makes music lessons more accessible to a broader range of students, regardless of their financial situation. Greenhouse Music even offers a low monthly subscription option to help families get quality education.

Giving Kids Confidence

In conclusion, online music lessons offer a unique and convenient way of learning music. They provide:
Increased flexibility.
Access to a more diverse range of instructors.
A more personalized learning experience.
Don't just take my word for it; hear from students and parents who have experienced the benefits of online music lessons firsthand:

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I loved it! I thought it was very helpful with notes you might have forgotten and hand positions. It was very nice to be able to pause it when I needed and nice to still be able to practice when I couldn't make it to class. Mrs. Delana is so fun!

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