5 FREE Online Educational Resources For Kids

Greenhouse Music
1. Khan Academy
Khan Academy is one of my favorite free resources for homeschooling. You can find all sorts of videos on topics ranging from algebra to art history.
2. BrainPOP
BrainPOP is another great free resource for homeschoolers. It has a ton of videos that cover everything from basic math to science and history.
3. IXL
IXL is an online program that covers all grades K-12 in English and Math. It's a nice way to practice math skills, especially if you need some extra help with fractions or decimals!
4. TED-Ed
TED-Ed is a website full of educational videos that are all about 15 minutes long (the length of a TED talk!). The topics range from how the world works to how things change our lives for the better. This site is perfect for any age homeschooler who loves learning about new ideas and concepts!
5. Greenhouse Music for Piano Lessons.
Yes, there are free piano lessons available online through Greenhouse Music. There are pdf's, original music, books and other fun learning tools so that your kids can learn how to play with confidence.
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I hope you enjoyed these resources. What kind of resources do you use to help your homeschooling journey? 
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