Our online World of Music series are packed with tons of fun and activities that will keep them engaged and inspired, whilst teaching them about geography and music around the world.
  • Delana Green

  • Travel the world through music

  • Part One Of Four

    Get a "Passport" stamp for each one. 

What's included?

  • Fun activity print outs
  • 1 Certification
  • Recap Questions
  • Videos
  • A NEW song to master 

Learning through play

Learning through music? Yes, please! Greenhouse Music is a series of online classes for kids that will not only teach them about geography and music, but also inspire their creativity and imagination.

Engaging from start to finish

Greenstart by playing a game or taking a quiz to get started then have your kid pick the lesson they want to explore. There are fun activities for every lesson, so you can be sure they'll always stay engaged.

Make music part of your routine

Greenhouse Music takes the hassle out of conceptualizing lessons, by providing lessons that are designed to be engaging while still being educational. We want our kids to love learning music just as much as we do!
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